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Moula's Ehsanat

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i have heard this from 1 of my net friend ,which i would like to share with all of my brothers & sister

In year 1993, I ,my wife and my son M.Husain, now in Al- Jamea Tus Saifiayah ( who was 3 yrs old at that time) went to Khandala with neeyat of  Deedar of Aqa Moula T.U.S , it was more than a year we had sharaf of Deedar.
We reached Khandala and hired a Auto Rickshaw for site seeing and to visit Moula TUS Bunglow at Hill side. When in the evening we reached to the gate far from Bunglow at bottom, a Mumin Bhai who was Guard stopped us saying “Bhai Yaha deedar nahi thae ,Yaha Moula fakat aram waste padhare che.”
We become disheartened and My wife said in her heart “Moula Aapna Deedar na pyasa che.”
I asked auto rickshaw driver who was Hindu to turn back to our Hotel. At that time he said “SAHAB MERA DIL BOLTA HE APKE DARSHAN HONGE
Hearing this we stopped and kept standing at road side. Mumin bhai who was Guard there again asked us to return back and we requested him to allow us to just stand for some time.
Suddenly rain showers started and to protect ourselves we sat in autorickshaw and my wife kept on doing DOA ane NAZRUL MAQAM  mana. After a few minutes rain stopped and we came out of rickshaw and stood at the road side.
Suddenly we saw white Maruti Gypsy car coming from far down the hill and within seconds it stopped near us and to our great surprise, Aqa moula T.U.S was seated in the front seat and as the car stopped Moula himself slided the window glass and called us saying “KAHA SE AYA CHO?”
We had no words to say and were so much astonished. I gathered my strength and said “MOULA APNA DEEDAR WASTE BHOPAL SI AYA CHE.”
And to my next surprise Moula gave his Dast Mubarak and said “SALAM KARO”. I was not ready for this…I put my hand in my pocket and whatever money came in my hand I did Salam to MOULA and my wife quickly removed her gold ring and did Salaam to Moula. Moula gave that ring to Shazadi  saheba seated in back seat of car saying “AA BEN SALAAM KARIO CHE ,MANAK NE ANGUTHI CHE, SAMBHALI NE MUKO.”
After this Moula gave Shifa phuk on my son Husain. We did araz, “Moula Bhopal Padharo” and Moula gave us smile and closed the car window. As the window was closing, I heard Moula saying to car driver “GARI PACHI VALAVI LO” and car turned back towards bunglow. We heard  auto rickshaw driver saying “NASEEB WALE HO AP LOG!”
We were still amazed and it seemed as if we were dreaming. And I heard my wife saying “MOULA FARMAVE CHE KE MANE SACCHA DIL THI YAAD KARO TO ME JAROOR AVEES.”

Friday, 25 February 2011

History Of Our Beloved Mula

Dr.Syadna Mohammed Burhanuddin(TUS)  head of the Daudi Bohra Ismaili community and fifty-second Daill Mutlak.The da'i thus represents the secluded imam and operates with the imam's authority. He carries out virtually all the imam's religious and juridical functions and sustains the social structure of the community of believers. The present da'i resides in Bombay,and the Dawat was  transferred to India from Yemen in 974/1567.
Date of birth :born on Saturday the 20th rabiul akhar 1333h , that was 6th of march 1915 in surat ,it is indeed an great coincidence that 52nd Dai was born on the very same day that Syedna Taher Saifuddin (AQ) first officialy sat on the pedestal of the dawat,
At the age of 3 years MULAS ibtedai taalim was started in Udaipur with “BISMILLAHA  IR REHMAN  IR RAHIM” in 1336h,in 1347h Syedna Taher Saifuddin AQ took misaq and with it gave laqab of “BURHANUDDIN”and did the first haj & ziarat to najaf & karbala.
At the age of 19,on 27th zilqad 1352h,Syedna Taher Saifuddin AQ raised to the second highest pedestal of dawaat with the tittle of “Mazoon”.
It was an historic movement when Nas & Manssos Both were on the same Imami Takhat for an waaz
1st Ashara as     DAI
1386H in MUMBAI
1387H in MUMBAI
1388H in MUMBAI
1389H in MECCA
1390H in COLUMBO
1392H in SURAT
1393H in MUMBAI
1394H in MUMBAI
1395H in MUMBAI
1397H in MADRAS
1398H in KARACHI
1400H in MUMBAI
1401H in CAIRO
1402H in CAIRO
1403H in SIDHPUR
1404H in KARACHI
1405H in NAIROBI
1406H in SURAT
1407H in INDORE
1408H in KARACHI
1409H in MUMBAI
1410H in SURAT
1412H in COLUMBO
1413H in PUNE
1414H in MOMBASA
1415H in MUMBAI
1416H in MOMBASA
1417H in KARACHI
1418H in SURAT
1419H in NAIROBI
1420H in COLOMBO
1421H in SURAT
1422H in HOUSTON
1423H in INDORE
1424H in MUMBAI
1425H in DUBAI
1426H in SURAT
1427H in MUMBAI
1428H in COLOMBO
1429H in COLOMBO
1430H in MOMBASA
1431H in MUMBAI
1432H in MUMBAI

Dr.Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS) received his religious and administrative training during the leadership of Syedna Tahir Saifuddin  (1915-1965) and succeeded him in 1965. Mula has led his community into an era of fresh vibrancy and renewed zeal by devoting his efforts to the preservation of the Fatimi Ismaili heritage in a number of ways: He has emphasized adherence to Islamic business ethics that include the prohibition of interest and institutionalized interest-free loan schemes to cater for the community's borrowing needs.The annual gatherings toMOHARRAM the martyrdom during the first ten day of Muharram (Ashura) has become the major spiritual expression of the community, with thousands of Bohras attending the WaAaz of the da'i, which are relayed live to Bohra centers all over the world. He has promoted the blending of secular and religious studies by initiating Islam-oriented schools which attempt to provide an integrated education in an Islamic atmosphere. Finally, he has undertaken the restoration of Fatimid relics and promoted Fatimid architecture and design in the construction of a large number of mosques, other public buildings all over the world. The most important of such works has been the restoration in 1980 of al-Jami al-Anwar, the grand mosque in Cairo built by the Imam Hakim (966-1021).
Dr.Sayedna Mohammed Burhanuddin(TUS) is an accomplished scholar. He personally supervises the curriculum of the Arabic academy al-Jami'ah al-Sayfiyah where his followers receive religious training. He is the author of several books on Ismaili religious thought and has composed thousands of verses in Arabic on supplication and in praise of the Prophet, Imams and Dai's. He has received honorary doctorates from al-Azhar University (1966) and from Aligarh Muslim University (1966).
He has frequently visited Daudi Bohra canters all over the world to personally imbue Islamic values in his followers, a practice he has continued even at an advanced age. He spends many hours each day in attending to the needs of Daudi Bohras, who seek his advice on all aspects of life, the choice of name of a newborn. His charitable endeavors, promotion of institutes and trusts for educational and economic welfare, support of projects on environmental issues, and renovation activities have earned him international recognition, including the highest civilian honors of Egypt (1976) and Jordan (1981).

51st  Dai –il-Mutlak
 Syedna Taher Sifuddin (AQ):
During Syedna’s Era Mazoon-ud-Dawat were:
                                 1st          Syedi Dawood BhaiSaheb ShahaBuddin Saheb
                                 2nd                Syedi Fazal BhaiSaheb QutbuddinSaheb    
Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb(TUS) is now 52nd Dai –il-Mutlak

                                   Mukaser-ud-dawat were:
                                    1st      Syedi Ishaq BhaiSaheb Jamaluddin Saheb
                               2nd               Syedi Saleh BhaiSaheb Saifuddin Saheb

When Syedna Taher Saifuddin aqua Were of 4 years old ,Syedna Abdulhusain Husamuddin (RA) presented a Sword to Syedna Taher Saifuddin .”Both the name HUSAM and SAIF are arbic words for sword “
Syedna Abdullah Badruddin (QS)the 50th Dai of Dawat did NAS on Syedna Taher Saifuddin the 51st Dai during that period of time the enemies of dawat began  legal proceedings against  Syedna .Syedna was called to testify in the bungalow of  judge martin and it was to be the longest testimony by anyone in the history of the Mumbai  High Court
Syedna faced each of his enemies and at the same time engaged in the preparation of the soul of mumineen .Syedna wrote the “RASAAIL RAMADHANIYAH” in which the many facts of ilmof Aale Mohammed were collected ,Mula reconstructed AL-Darsul-Saifee and renamed it “AL-JAMEA-TUS-SAIFIYAH” .
After the day of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (AQ)misaaq ,Syedna-l-muqaddas began 10year of rajab fasting
Molana-l-muqaddas was a benevolent father to hundreds of thousands of Mumineen, he gave life to thousands, serving them the waters of the Kausar of the `ilm of Aale Mohammed (RA). By bringing faith to life in this world he showed how modern life could be lead in a religious way.
Molana-l-muqaddas passed away at nisful layl (midnight) of the eve of the 19th of Rajabul asab in Matheran  , it was the eve of Friday.
Syedna Saifuddin's successor, Syedna Burhanuddin Aqa built the magnificent Raudat Tahera in which the entire Quran-e-majeed has been engraved in marble with gold leaf. The bismillahs have been encrusted with rubies. The entire building and its surroundings exhibit the architectural legacies of the Fatimiyyeen and the spiritual guidance that comes from them.
              May Allah t`aala grant our beloved Mola sehat and aafiyat in long life until qiyamat.Ameen

Thursday, 24 February 2011

History Of Our Beloved Mula

1 ) 
At the age of 5 Sydena recited QURAN at the majlis ,As syedna Taher Saifuddin (RA)has sayed in his risalat ,”that when   he recities the quran he glows for the people of heaven as the star glows for the people on earth.
Syedna( TUS) is the first dai to travel to the NORTH AFRICA and retracorical sites of aimmat taherin (SA)
In Germany the computer analysis was done on theVoice of  Syedna(TUS)in the age of ninety plus ,the result came out that his Holiness Voice is as a voice of an 40 years old

Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS ) was born on 20th Rabei Ul Akhar which corresponda to the day of zuhoor of imam mehdi( SA)